The Beatles Reunion

Headlines in the Moment

John, Paul, George, and Ringo had one final reunion before the breakup. And it was at a car show.Paul and John were not particularly into the whole gear-head scene, but Ringo was very enthusiastic about cars, and as it turns out, George was surprisingly knowledgable in the matter as well. Ringo had donated his one-of-a-kind original hatch-back mini (the factory made a special version of the car with an opening rear hatch for his drum-kit, and until the mini was reinvented over four decades later, it was the only example of its kind). But it was George who wowed the other three with the car he brought for the exhibit. When he told them he had donated an original GT40 race car, they were impressed.

But sadly, we don’t hear a lot about this car or the car show because of the tragedy that befell that beautiful car. It was stolen before the show, and the car was found crashed by the side of a nearby country road. The police report was quite clear, but the local newspapers continue to give historians some difficulty.

Luckily for contemporary news readers, who read the headline at the time, Star Wars was not to be released for another decade. Otherwise they’d have been as confused as modern-day historians are when they stumble upon the headline “Mangled wreckage at site of Harrison Ford crash.”


Obviously this account is completely fictional, and is merely the basis for a long convoluted walk to a short bad pun (inspired in part by a real headline that accompanied the famous actor’s spectacular  plane crash on a golf course).