Noah Maher

Writer of Speculative Fiction & Occasional Essayist


Trained in a practical combination of mathematics and physics I put my education to writing not about the world as it is, but as I sometimes dream it might be (or might have been). I write speculative fiction and essays. When it comes to my short stories, I like to think of the world as it never was, could have been, and sometimes, as it might yet be. You could say that I write about possible futures and improbable pasts.

As for qualifications, I hold dual degrees: one in Celsius, the other in Fahrenheit. Consistently maintaining them unless a fever elevates them, or unless someone – perhaps with better taste in humor – finally attempts to lower them to room temperature.

My humor can sometimes be dark, sometimes surreal, but never malicious.

On this site you’ll find some sample writing. Please read one of my short/whimsical stories, or follow the blog for an occasional essay that might even be topical. Either way, I hope you enjoy them and consider buying my latest book when it comes out, or just following me online.

Thank you for visiting.

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